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Free barcode label printing portal[1] with your own data storage and access to a repository of global industry, community and retailer standard labelling formats. Including GS1 identifiers, UPC/EAN items, GTIN-14 traded units, SSCC transport and logistics, Data Matrix healthcare and more.

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Avery Dennison has been involved with the piloting of the Australian Transport Label Guideline and can assist companies to implement the guideline. The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has endorsed a framework aimed at enhancing cargo identification and positioning amongst multiple carriers. Three years in the making, the Australian Transport Label Guideline is based on GS1 global supply chain standards and best practice gathered via the ALC Supply Chain Standards Work Group. It provides guidance to industry on how to physically identify and label logistics and transport units to support efficient transport management processes and is an aspect of a wider industry effort to boost supply chain efficiency.

GS1 standard barcode label printing

GS1 label printing. Print your Barcodes that use the globally recognised GS1 Identification Numbers to uniquely identify things such as trade items, locations, logistic units, and manufacture traceability.

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GS1 Transport & Logistics

Create your shipments, print GS1 harmonised transport labels and compile and send electronic consignment messages.

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eCommerce Order Processing

Vendor Connect ASP connects to your central GS1 System. Check your orders details, processing status, scan pack or print SSCC labels, and compile ASNs.

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GS1 EPC-based RFID Item Level Tagging and Traceability

Identify, capture, share. GS1 EPC management and encoding 96 bit EPC RFID one-way tags/labels containing a SGTIN (Serialised Global Trade Item Number) Electronic Product Code.

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[1] Requires Monarch label printer and labels. Free storage for up to 25 data records. Subscription required for more records.